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Artist's CV
Patricia Miller (1950, Montgomery. AL, United States) is an artist who works in a variety of mediums: printmaking, drawing, painting, video, collage, and porcelain. Most recently, Miller has focused on works of photomontage and digital painting, blending elements of her original photographs into unique compositions, sometimes adding the faces of her own ancestors. The tools she uses include digital editing platforms, predominately photoshop. She is also experimenting with video-montage.
The natural world forms the nucleus of her work, often rendering commentary on the slow collision between the earth’s vital ecosystems and humanity’s destructive practices. Climate change, which is accelerating largely due to the willful disregard of corporate entities, governments and individuals over time, is causing enormous shifts worldwide, more palpable with each extinction of a species, each breach of the ice shelf, each prolonged fire season, each unprecedented storm, and each record-breaking temperature. Her artistic vision also serves as a warning, one which places emphasis on the increasing fragility of our environment and the scarcity of time left to save it. 

Patricia Miller currently lives with her husband Matthew and their cocker spaniel Oz in Denver, CO
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