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Patricia Miller (1950, Montgomery. AL, USA) is an artist experienced in a variety of mediums—printmaking, photography, drawing, painting, collage, paper sculpture, fabric "pieced work," and clay and porcelain construction. At present, the principal focus of her work is on creating montages of digital clippings from her still images, videos, and gifs. By splicing together realistic elements with recurring motifs and placing them into settings, often out of context or proportion with reality, she forms "visual riddles" with implicit meaning. Her compositions also draw on fragments and faces from old photos and ancestral portraits she inherited in family albums and random troves of snapshots, negatives and slides. If needed to fulfill a vision, she weaves in an occasional borrowed component from the available digital archives of public domain images and texts. 
Her primary tools include three digital cameras, an iPhone, and the multiple editing platforms within Adobe Creative Cloud editing apps—predominately Raw Camera, Photoshop and Lightroom. She also uses Adobe Premiere Rush and iMovie for creating video montages. She chooses not to use AI to create or augment her work.
The common themes and motifs that form the nucleus of her work come from the natural world, rendering commentary on the collision between the earth’s vital ecosystems and humanity’s destructive practices. She also plays with the idea of transparency and the myriad veils through which we see the world, obscuring our perceptions and disguising crucial details required to understand it. Specific iconography and elements of language repeat themselves throughout her body of work.
She has exhibited her work for over three decades in Colorado as part of invitational, curated, individual and group shows, including at Spark Gallery, the Art Students League, Core Gallery, Foothills Arts Center, Curtis Center for the Arts, Robert Anderson Gallery, Karen White Gallery, Pirate Gallery, Zip Gallery, and the Republic Plaza Arts/Brookfield art space.

Miller currently lives with her husband Matthew and their cocker spaniel Oz in Denver, CO
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